Pipeline Pigging Products manufactures pigs in all sizes, for cleaning small diameter piping in food manufacturing to large pigs such as this one meant for cleaning an aquaduct. We have a solution for every pipeline cleaning issue.

Unsurpassed in
• Manfacturing
• Research
• Application

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Pipeline Pigging Products is a manufacturer of Internal Pipeline Cleaners referred to in the trade as “Poly Pigs.” Constructed of a flexible open cell polyurethane foam and various external wrappings, Poly Pigs have the ability to negotiate short radius bends, ells, tees, multi-dimensional piping and reduced port valves.

The slightly oversized Poly Pig forms a “sliding seal” in the pipe, and is designed to remove product buildup, foreign matter and loose sediment.

A few of the benefits that Poly Pigs can offer are:

Increased pipeline carrying capacity
Improved product quality
Power savings by reducing pump pressure
Confirmation of pipe and flow integrity

Pipeline Pigging Products offers Poly Pigs in a wide variety of styles (drying, wiping and scraping) to accommodate almost any application, such as oil & gas transmission, municipal, petro chemical, pulp and paper and processing piping systems. With over 75 years of combined experience in manufacturing, research and application,our knowledge of Poly Pigs is unsurpassed in the industry.

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