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Poly Pigs

Environmentally-friendly pipeline pigging solutions

Poly PigsAs a leading manufacturer of poly pigs, we at Pipeline Pigging Products, Inc. are committed to providing you with the best possible solutions to all your pipeline pigging needs. We combine our unsurpassed experience in manufacturing of poly pigs with the latest research to provide state-of-the-art application.

The innovative Pipeline Pigging Products, Inc. manufacturing facility is equipped to manufacture any poly pig requirements at short notice, including custom size requirements. We serve clients with a diverse range of pipeline cleaning requirements, including those in industries such as petrochemical, gas and oil, municipal, manufacturing, transmission, offshore, paper and pulp, water and wastewater plants, and more.

Poly Pigs and Pipe Cleaning Equipment

At Pipeline Pigging Products, Inc., we stock a wide range of conventional poly pigs and pigging equipment, including pumps, pipe stoppers, pig trackers and pig launchers.

Out poly pigs are manufactured using open cell polyurethane foam. They are available in a variety of densities and use a variety of external coatings. The bullet shape of poly pigs help to aid its transition through the pipelines, past valves and fittings. The ends are concave to facilitate bi-directional services. Poly pigs are approximately twice as long as the diameter which helps to prevent it from tumbling inside the pipeline.

While each pig is manufactured for a specific application, pigs are also sometimes interchangeable within certain parameters, based on the user’s preferences. When choosing a poly pig, it should have a slightly bigger diameter than that of the inside of the pipe, which helps facilitate a frictional drag between the pipe wall and the poly pig.

Poly Pigs & Pipeline Cleaning Services

Here at Pipeline Pigging Products, Inc. we provide specialist hydraulic and pneumatic pipeline cleaning services. Our crews have successfully serviced in excess of five million linear feet of piping with diameters ranging from 2” to 84”. We have the equipment, skills, and experience to facilitate your small or large cleaning projects.

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