Progressive Pipe Cleaning Pigging

Progressive Pipe Cleaning Pigging

How to clean your pipelines using a pipe pig

Progressive Pipe Cleaning PiggingPipeline Pigging Products specializes in pipeline cleaning services and solutions. We know pipe cleaning pigging very well. Over the years we have cleaned in excess of five million linear feet of piping in a wide range of diameter. We can assist with large and small cleaning projects. 

At Pipeline Pigging Products, we stock a full range of pipeline cleaning equipment, which includes poly pigs and launchers, pig trackers, pipe pumps and stoppers.

Progressive Pipe Cleaning Pigging Solutions

In order to clean pipelines, we pneumatically or hydraulically propel a series of flexible foam progressive pipe cleaning pigs into the pipeline.

Use this method of progressive pipe cleaning to clean your own pipes: 


  1. Isolate the line to be cleaned from the system.
  2. Check to make sure that all valves on the line to be cleaned are open.
  3. Turn on the water to double check the direction of flow.
  4. Run a line size swab to prove the flow and “true size of opening”.
  5. Examine the swab after it has been discharged. Measure its diameter and introduce a coated pig into the line that will just fit the “true” opening. Run a line size swab behind the coated pig to assure a tight seal. Continue this process until a pig is discharged from the pipeline in reusable condition.
  6. Increase the size of the coated pig until the used pig measures the same I.D. as the pipeline being cleaned. For pipes with a buildup of hard scale, such as iron oxide, wire brush pigs can be applied on final passes.
  7. Run a full size swab to sweep out any loosened debris.

Special Notes for Best Cleaning Results:

  1. Flush line after each pig run until water is clear.
  2. Run pigs until desired “C-factor” is reached.
  3. To assure against excessive abrasion, do not apply more than two wire brush pig passes as final passes.
  4. Flush all lines that were shut down during cleaning, in sequence, from the launch point to the discharge point.
  5. Ideal pigging speed is between 2 and 5 feet per second.

Note: These methods are suggested procedures, your particular application may require that you have “technical assistance” in running your cleaning pigs.

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